Top 3 late night moments: Lauer figures out Savannah's secret (and more)

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Late Night Laughs: 'Modern Family' Rashes, Diane Keaton's A Wino

From Matt Lauer figuring out that Savannah was pregnant to a funny 'Modern Family' reunion, these are your top three moments from the late night TV shows.

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Number three - on Kimmel, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet hadn't seen each other since wrapping filming on 'Modern Family.' And they couldn't wait to catch up.

"You go any where?"
"I did go a few places but I have some questions -- is everything going on with?"
"Still happening."
"And the rash is better?"
"The rash is better."
"Guys, guys we're on television."
"And we're back to the interview!"

Of course they were kidding ... but hey, always good to catch up on a rash.

At number two, Jimmy Fallon tried to show Diane Keaton how to play beer pong. But you can't teach an old drinker new tricks. Keaton wanted to play with red wine - and wanted it right away.

"You don't drink it for fun, it's a punishment. No, you're bad. That's why you drink."
"Please, just one little drink?"
"No. You wait. You calm down you crazy wino."

We're gonna guess Diane's heard that before.

And at number one - on 'Late Night,' Matt Lauer told the story of discovering co-host Savannah Guthrie was pregnant. When they were covering the Olympics in Sochi, he noticed she wasn't doing vodka shots with the rest of the 'Today' show crew.

"I texted her -- I said, 'are you pregnant?'"
"I got this very curt message back like, 'yes, shut up. Don't tell anybody."
"No, what I said was, 'How can you ask me that when Putin is listening to us?'"

Excellent thinking Savannah. Matt said after that, she had him take all of her vodka shots so no one else would find out. Excellent thinking, Matt.

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