Dean McDermott admits to suicidal thoughts

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'True Tori': Dean McDermott Admits to Suicidal Thoughts

On "True Tori," Dean McDermott made a shocking confession.

After having an affair, and admitting to it, Dean had a nervous breakdown -- and confessed he wanted to jump out of the window and end his life.

DEAN: "I mention that to show how far I had gone down the rabbit hole and that the only way out was for me to leave this earth."

Dean said he wanted to disappear and thought there was no way out of his current situation -- saying he messed up everything great in his life. He also said that Tori deserved better than him. Once Dean admitted what he was feeling, the couple's therapist talked to producers -- neither the producers nor the network knew about Dean's suicidal thoughts prior to that moment. Tori was surprised Dean admitted it on camera, and wanted to stop filming. But Dean was evaluated by a psychiatrist, and cleared to continue filming.

Tori took to Twitter, thanking her friends for being by her side -- and saying it was important for her to share her story.

But The Stir was annoyed and frustrated with Dean, saying his issues always have to take center stage, when he's the one who betrayed Tori.

"I'm not sure if Tori meant it this way, but she often looks irritated with Dean during his talk about his suicidal thoughts. Perhaps she feels -- yet again -- that Dean has managed to [hog] everyone's sympathy and attention. After all, she was the one who was betrayed. And yet somehow Dean manages to trump her with suicide bids.No wonder Tori complains how she has completely lost her 'voice.'"

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