Anchor learned not to mess with monkey again

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Monkey Bops Anchor on the Head During Interview

An anchor for Great Day Houston, a morning show on KHOU, learned not to mess with guests when they come in for an interview. You never know when they might retaliate.
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An anchor in Houston learned really quickly not to tease the guests, especially when the guest is a monkey.

That's right, the monkey gave the anchor Deborah Duncan a good ol' bop on the head for teasing him with that grape. Hey, can you blame him?!

The monkey was Wilson, a Capuchin monkey. He was on KHOU with Dr. Brian Staples, a zoologist who created Staples Safari Zoo, whose mission is to connect America's youth to the natural world.
According to the Staples Safari Zoo website, "the zoo cares for more than 120 exotic animals, nearly all of which have been rescued ..."

And Wilson is quite the superstar. He's Dr. Staples' most recognized animal, and was in the movie "Dr. Dolittle." His biography on the zoo website says, "Wilson is most happy with a straw and juice box in hand."

So Duncan probably shouldn't have taunted the little guy with that grape. But it seems like Wilson also might be a bit of a diva. Apparently he's got quite the ego, and he's called 'Wilson the Diva,' He has twitter followers, he travels, and he's had celeb encounters.

KHOU tweeted about the incident, saying '#Monkey slaps KHOU's Deborah Duncan.'

One tweeter, Robbie, responded, 'Remind me never to get between a monkey and his snack..'

That sounds like a good idea, Robbie... at least not in between Wilson and his snacks!
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