Mystery of bear cub found near Lake Tahoe now solved

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Mystery Of Bear Cub Found Near Lake Tahoe Now Solved

Officials were puzzled by a cute, fluffy bear cub left alone on the driveway of a California wildlife organization called the BEAR League. Well, it seems they might have learned what happened.
Mystery of bear cub found near Lake Tahoe now solved

NBC reports, 'An anonymous man phoned the bear league in Lake Tahoe this weekend and said he found the cub at a state park 400 miles away crying and hugging her deceased mother. Officials believe the call was legitimate.'

The BEAR League, which used its Facebook page to update people on the story, also pointed to the phone call's credibility:

'He knew the answer to every question regarding where she was placed, what else was out there, the color of the blanket in the kennel etc. He said he found her ... near the Humbolt Redwoods State Park.'

The caller said he notified authorities but was told to leave the 10-week-old baby bear alone. Instead, he took the tiny cub to the wildlife organization.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said it will run the bear's DNA to pin down her origins.

The bear - named Tahoe - will be released back into her native area when she's ready.
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