Fifth graders' synchronized 'swim' surprise

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WATCH: Fifth Graders' Synchronized Surprise

Some fifth grade boys in Hurst, Texas had a synchronized surprise for everyone at their elementary school's talent show.
Fifth graders' synchronized 'swim' surprise

The boys' routine at W. A. Porter Elementary School April 11 went swimmingly, and the "Good Morning America" anchors were amazed.

'Oh my gosh, this is amazing. These are fifth graders? These are fifth graders, ten and 11-year-olds.'

KDFW sat down with some of the boys and they spilled what was most difficult about the routine.

'Meet Grayson, Mason, Jack, Trent, Matthew and Drew. Each boy had his own challenge. 'It was when we dove and we crossed each other.,' one said. 'For me, it was putting my feet up because I don't have really great balance.'

The video has since created a splash on social media.

One user commented, 'This is one of the most hilarious videos that I have watched in a long time! Talented and funny kids!'

Another said, 'I had to watch this again, because ... I still haven't stopped laughing after the first 100 or so times. Great job guys!'

Check out the full video here:

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