There's something funny about these Boston Marathon runners' bibs

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Bib Fraud At Boston Marathon
This year, security at the Boston Marathon could have made it one of the safest events in America - but runners still fell victim to an unexpected crime: fraud.

Several runners found pictures of strangers wearing the same bib numbers in marathon photos posted online.

One runner, Kara Bonneau, says she posted a picture of her race bib on multiple social media accounts on Saturday. After finishing the race in an impressive three and a half hours Monday, she went looking for pictures of her crossing the finish line.

She typed in her number, and five results came up. Obviously only one was her, but four others, two men and two women were captured finishing with the same exact bib.

Bonnaeu says they likely made copies of her bib from her Instagram post - but its unclear if all four fraudsters were connected.

The incident has sparked outrage among attendees who say it's not fair that these Boston bandits took medals from people that paid to be there. Unfortunately, Bonnaeu says she contacted marathon officials who said, "There's nothing they could do, and that these things happen."

So a word of caution to runners who are actually qualified to race in any marathon - save your race pics until after the finish line so no one else crosses it that shouldn't.

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