Little kid's laugh steals the show at hockey game

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Jordin Tootoo Gives Delighted Young Fan His Hockey Stick

A little boy was thrilled to pieces when Grand Rapids hockey star Jordin Tootoo not only said hi to the young fan, but also gave him something pretty neat.
Little kid's laugh steals the show at hockey game

'What's up, buddy? It's all yours!,' he said as he handed the boy his hockey stick.

'He'll have that stick forever, by the way, and we're told that player Jordin Tootoo, the guy who gave him that stick, has a real tough guy reputation, which is needed when your last name is Tootoo.'

We don't know the name of the little boy in the video, but CBS and other outlets kept pointing out the same thing: the boy's laugh.

'And that laugh, it's almost maniacal and evil in a way but is so dang infectious, a laugh of pure joy. You can't help but smile. Hockey players still rule.'

HLN credited the video with bringing out the kiddo in all of us.

'That's a laugh that you just want to bottle up and put in your pocket.'

Well done, Tootoo - that boy will be your fan for life.
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