TSA settles with mom who objected to X-raying breast milk

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TSA Settles With Mom Who Objected To X-Raying Breast Milk

A California mother reached a settlement Wednesday after suing the Transportation Security Administration.
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Stacey Armato says agents gave her a hard time when she asked that her breast milk not be X-rayed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in 2010. ABC says, "She pleaded for an alternate way to screen it."

Armato says while screeners were trying to figure out what to do, they put her in this glass room for nearly 40 minutes.

Armato says the experience was humiliating and made her feel like an animal in a cage. Before being confined, she showed a print-out of the TSA rules to a screener, and this is what happened:

"He read them and it says breast milk is a medical liquid. It is to be alternately screened. And he just didn't want to accept it."

Armato says she takes care of her body, and didn't want the X-ray radiation to negatively affect her milk.

KABC spoke to the mother: "I put a lot of time into eating organic, drinking lots of water, staying in shape. Why would I then send my milk through the X-ray?"

Armato's lawyer filed a federal lawsuit against the TSA. Armato says it was the only way to publicize the incident. KCBS says, "Suing the U.S. government is the only way for us to have been able to promote any kind of change. We had to file a lawsuit in order to hold their feet to the fire."

The TSA offered Armato a $75,000 settlement and promises to re-train screeners. Armato says the settlement will go toward attorney's fees and to a non-profit that provides support for breastfeeding moms.

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