'Steve Harvey' features women in their 70s who look decades younger

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'Steve Harvey' Features Women in Their 70s Who Look Decades Younger

Television host Steve Harvey welcomed three guests that really defy their ages. The ladies are all pushing 80 -- Mimi is 75, Annette is 72 and Linda is 71 -- but they look decades younger.
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Not a single one of those women looked over 40, let alone in their 70s.

Mimi and Annette both credited juicing with helping them stay in shape and fabulous-looking. Annette says she'll even stop eating solid food for weeks at a time. Mimi is also a raw vegan.

Last year Dr. Oz looked into the benefits of juicing and discovered

It allows people who wouldn't normally consume a lot of fruits and vegetables to get those nutrients. Some people say drinking fruits and vegetables allows the body to absorb the nutrients faster than if a person simply ate them.

As of right now, there's no real scientific evidence to support this claim. But hey - those juices probably taste pretty darn good anyway.

Linda credits exercising for her youthful looks,

But for those of us who aren't inclined to start juicing or working out so much, the women spoke more after the show about some easier tricks they've learned for staying healthy.

ANNETTE: "Get enough sunshine when you can."
LINDA: "Have a good exercise plan."
MIMI: "I get my beauty sleep."

We really like that last suggestion.

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