Richard Gere dresses as homeless man for role, fools New Yorkers

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Richard Gere Dresses As Homeless Man For Role, Fools New Yorkers

A woman was spotted showing kindness toward a homeless man on the streets of New York and even buying him food. But that seemingly homeless man, as "Good Morning America" reports, was actually a movie star worth a reported $100 million.
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'She didn't realize that man is in fact worth millions of dollars. That's Richard Gere, filming his next movie and he was apparently extremely convincing in his role.'

According to IMDb, Gere is starring in "Time Out of Mind" and will play the role of a man who's trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter.

The New York Post says not a single resident of the Big Apple realized it was actually the 64-year-old superstar hiding under those shaggy clothes.

'Sporting a ski cap and scruffy facial hair, Gere guzzled a beer from a brown bag amid rush-hour commuters as cameras shot the scene from across the street.'

And he really threw himself into this new role. He was even spotted eating a burger ... OUT OF THE TRASH CAN.

So far, no one has identified the kind-hearted woman who was photographed giving Gere some food.

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