'Drunk' elephants caught at Kruger National Park

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Drunk Elephants Caught At National Park

Sometimes wildlife really gets a little too wild.

A field guide at a National Park in South Africa, noticed a herd of elephants moving along a little ... strangely. The guide eventually realized they were *drunk.*

A few of the youngsters - being the crazy kids that they are - overindulged in some Marula Fruit, which has an intoxicating effect on large mammals.

But hey! Animals should be allowed to let loose every now and then ... as long as they do it safely.

This moose in Sweden, on the other hand, not so much. After feasting on a few too many fermenting apples on the ground, it decided it wanted more that were still in the tree above it.

Just a reminder: moose don't climb trees. But when you've got enough liquid courage in you, the unlikely becomes a lot more likely. So it climbed right up in it and of course got stuck.

Fortunately, a local rescue crew came and put it back on the ground where it just passed out.

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