Man about to go to trial for murder wants tattoo removed

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Man Wants To Remove His 'Murder' Tattoo Before Trial

Kansas man Jeffrey Chapman, who is charged with first degree murder, has requested to have a very specific tattoo removed before his trial.

As his mug shot reveals, the word 'murder' is spelled backwards across Chapman's neck in big block letters. According to HLN, 'the tattoo is backwards because he allegedly wanted to read it in the mirror.'

Chapman's trial is scheduled for April 28th, though he's hoping to have his trial postponed.

Chapman's attorney argues the tattoo needs to be removed or covered up before his client's trial so the jury won't be prejudiced against him.

Unfortunately for Chapman, state law prohibits tattooing outside of a licensed tattoo parlor, and Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir says he is unwilling to have Chapman escorted to such a facility.

According to KATC, 'prosecutors aren't opposed to Chapman covering his tattoo.'

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