Ape builds fire and toasts marshmallows in amazing BBC video

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Ape Builds A Fire And Toasts Marshmallows In Amazing BBC Video

An ape at the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary makes an incredible demonstration of ape intelligence on the BBC series 'Monkey Planet' by building a fire from scratch and toasting marshmallows without any human help.
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Kanzim a 31-year-old bonobo chimpanzee, is already well known for his remarkable abilities to read symbols and understand novel sentences. Now, he's demonstrating his intelligence by actually building a fire from scratch (well, almost). Once the fire is going, he gently pushes marshmallows onto a stick and chows down on the delicious snack.

"It was a pivotal moment in history that separated man from other primates," Barcroft explains in a photo caption. "Over a million years ago humankind began to conquer its fear of fire and use it as a tool. But now one special ape ... at the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa - is showing us just how close we really are."

The only thing he has yet to master is the whole wait-a-second-before-the-treats-cool-down thing ... but then again, most humans could use a lesson in that, too.

Check out the full video here

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