QVC host reveals frightening struggle with stalking

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QVC Host Reveals Frightening Struggle with Stalking

QVC queen Lisa Robertson revealed a frightening and deeply personal inner struggle on "Good Morning America."

"Robertson is known for her warm, bubbly personality and making viewers feel like they know her, but she says, over the years, some have taken that much too far."

"I lock myself in my house everyday," she reportedly wrote.

The personable former beauty queen is best known as a beauty expert and the host of her own show on QVC.

Despite her happy persona, Robertson has been fighting a deeply personal battle. The Daily Local News obtained court documents from her fourth and most recent stalker case in December 2013. She said,

'I check my alarm constantly. It is on when I am home. I watch my rear view mirror when I go home at night and take different routs [sic] if I think anyone might be following me. If there is a sound at night I lay awake wondering. I haven't felt safe in a long time.'

HLN reports four people who have stalked the former beauty queen have been convicted over the past few years.

Robertson's most recent stalker not only went to her home, but also followed her to a movie theater where he sat so close he could 'smell the popcorn she was eating.'

One man sent Robertson more than 30 gifts totaling roughly $3,400. Another had two boxes of engagement and wedding rings strapped to his chest when he was arrested. Yet another sent Robertson emails and thought she was telling him he loved her on-air.

Upon hearing the news, fans everywhere took to Robertson's Facebook page to share well wishes.

One user wrote, 'You are always so cheerful and I enjoy your shows. I am so sorry to hear about your personal struggles. Wishing you the best for a resolution to the problem.'

Despite her stalker trouble, Robertson told ABC she truly enjoys the connection she has with viewers.

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