Pope Francis gives two 11-year-olds a ride

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Pope Francis Gives A Ride To 5th Graders

Pope Francis put his popemobile to good use Sunday - giving a ride to two 11-year-olds around St. Peters Square.
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He was making his way through a big crowd after his Palm Sunday mass, when he hopped out and posed for some pictures - selfies, of course.

He greeted a group of fifth graders, then offered the kids a ride around the square and of course they couldn't turn it down.

One of the boys told the Associated Press it was the ride of a lifetime.

We'd like to hitch a ride with his holiness on a number of wheels:

Like his Harley Davidson, which recently sold for a whopping $327,000 at a charity auction.

And this stylish vintage Renault 4 given to him by a priest.


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