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Largest great white shark tagged in Australia

World's Largest Great White Shark Tagged in Australia

The world's largest Great White shark was recently electronically tagged off Albany's Middleton Beach in Australia.

Netizens from all over the world seem to have a fascination with one specific picture that's making the rounds on the web. It features the world's largest Great White shark, which was recently electronically tagged off Albany's Middleton Beach in Australia.

Local residents are referring to the female as 'Joan of Shark'. She measures about 16 feet long and is estimated to weigh over 1 and a half tons.

The Department of Fisheries was tipped off of her presence after 'Joan of Shark' ventured too close to the popular swimming spot. Albany locals were issued a warning to stay out of the water while authorities handled the situation.

Officers from the Department of Fisheries got to work searching for her and eventually located her with their boat. Once secured, they flipped her onto her back while she was still in the water in a state known as 'tonic immobility'.

The photo surfacing online shows the officers inserting the electronic tag into her flesh. Once she came to, she was quickly released and reportedly swam out to sea.

Department of Fisheries spokesperson Mark Kleeman commented "For the next ten years, we'll be able to keep a track of her movements, which is going to open up a whole new world. We'll have a better understanding of the large-scale movements of white sharks."

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