Ashton and Mila poke fun at real-life romance on 'Two and a Half Men'

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Ashton and Mila Poke Fun At Real-Life Romance on 'Two and a Half Men'

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis poked fun at their real life romance when Mila dropped by "Two and a Half Men" for a guest spot.
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VIVIAN: "I mean, who cares who's dating whom, or who's engaged to who, or who has a sex tape that no one will never, ever see?"
WALDEN: "I know."

Walden also goes on to say he'd "never date an actress. They're all crazy." Wink wink.

Of course, the stars haven't publicly confirmed their engagement or pregnancy -- and what's that about a sex tape? That's sure to get the rumor mill started.

Sugarscape thinks the couple has amazing chemistry on and off screen, calling Mila's guest spot as Vivian "PERFECT, wonderful and lol-worthy."

Us Weekly thought highly of the episode, too -- it was chock full of tongue-in-cheek references to the stars' lives and work. The mag's favorite inside joke? A reference to the show that the duo first met on.

"After Vivian introduces herself, Walden compliments her 'beautiful' name. 'Thank you. My parents got it from that '70s show,' she replies, in a cheeky nod to Kunis and Kutcher's former series. 'What was it called? Oh, Maude!'"

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