The ultimate workout playlist, according to a recent study

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The promise of warmer weather (somewhere) on the horizon has given new vigor to what were once half-hearted New Year's resolutions to get fit. We all know exercise can be a bore and sticking to a workout regimen requires the patience and devotion of a patron saint. Yes, studies constantly tout the mental, physical and emotional benefits of hitting the treadmill, but what ultimately gets us through a workout is a stellar playlist.

With this is mind, researchers have been racking their brains to come up with a scientifically proven "ultimate workout music playlist." Sports psychologist Dr. Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University conducted one such study in conjunction with Spotify. Karageorghis and his team analyzed approximately 6.7 Spotify playlists containing the word "workout" in the title and in a nutshell, found that rap music is most conducive to keeping pace while running or jogging. Furthermore, "dance music is best suited to strength and weight training because it's fast, rhythmical and bass psyches people up before weight training sessions." Unsurprisingly, nostalgia also helps get you pumped: "...for maximum effect, people should use songs that remind them of their adolescence and early adulthood to make them feel youthful and fit," advises Karageorghis.

Celebrity trainer Joey Gonzalez had this to add: "During workouts, an hour-long mix of strength training and treadmill-based cardio intervals, we try to match our runs and exercises to the beat of our music. For example, timing the treadmill sprints to the chorus of a track with a great hook, or playing a slower song with bass for incline jogs, and even matching steady consistent beats for long endurance runs are all part of our strategy."

With this in mind, the researchers compiled an exercise playlist with song suggestions optimized for aerobic warm up, cardio, strength training and cool down. Throw in a few of your favorite heart-warming, upbeat oldies (you can bet we've got a playlist of those, too) and you'll be jamming through your workout without a hitch.

Check out the complete setlist below, or stream it through your Spotify player for easy listening.

Track 1: Mental preparation
Tracks 2 & 3: Stretching
Tracks 4 & 5: Aerobic warm-up
Tracks 6 & 7: Low-intensity cardio
Track 8: Moderate-intensity cardio
Tracks 9-11: High-intensity cardio
Tracks 12 & 13: Strength training
Track 14: Warm down

Now that you've got your soundtrack covered, check out the slideshow above for a comprehensive cross-training workout to accompany your tunes.

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