'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Has Amazing Reaction After Appraisal

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'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Has Amazing Reaction After Appraisal

"Antiques Roadshow" headed to Kansas City, where hairdresser Loretta learned a gift from her friend was actually a piece of history.
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It was a textbook from the Madam C.J. Walker Schools of Beauty Culture -- the first book on African American women's hair care, fashion and beauty. The book was a first edition and nearly 100 years old, and the appraiser called it "very unusual."

Loretta thought the book might be worth $3,000. But when the appraiser told her it was worth more than three times that -- $10,000 -- Loretta couldn't believe it.

LORETTA (LAUGHING): "$10,000? Are you serious?"
KEN SANDERS (APPRAISER): "I am serious."
LORETTA (LAUGHING): "Oh, you're kidding."
LORETTA: "$10,000?!"

A lot of what made the book so valuable was that it was associated with Madam C.J. Walker, known as America's first self-made female millionaire. Walker built a beauty empire in the early 1900s and invented the straightening comb.

It looks like Loretta made a small fortune of her own off the book. She spoke at a recent television event for the show and copped to selling the item -- but wouldn't say whether it was for more than $10K.
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