'Catch A Contractor': Mistake leaves family in grave danger

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'Catch A Contractor': Contractor's Mistake Leaves Family In Grave Danger

Spike's 'Catch a Contractor' shows viewers the dangers of working with bad contractors -- and what a contractor named Myron did to the Wislocki family could've cost them their lives.
'To Catch a Contractor'
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'Catch A Contractor': Mistake leaves family in grave danger

"The hood is way too high. It is not safe. It would never pass inspection."

"Range hoods don't just clear smoke from the kitchen - more importantly, they serve as a fire barrier between the stove and the cabinetry."

Yes, this hood was so high, it could've caused a fire.

The situation in the kitchen was so bad, the couple was forced to keep their food in their spare bedroom -- a room where their grandchildren used to spend the night. The show confronted Myron, but he had no apologies.

The family said they later found out this guy didn't even have a license. The Wislockis are now taking legal action.

Luckily, the show fixed their kitchen. They were blown away by the renovation ... of their renovation.

On Twitter, users thought it was a major improvement.

Unlicensed contractors are a pretty prevalent problem: 13 were just arrested in a sting in California.

The show advised to check online through your state and make sure your contractor is legit.
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