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Bar Refaeli's bizarre facial & other weird celeb beauty routines

We've officially seen it all ... or have we? Bar Refaeli has taken the weird and unusual beauty routine to the next level. The Israeli supermodel, 28, posted a bizarre picture of herself on Instagram getting a liquid GOLD facial. The gooey, gold mess is pictured oozing down her gorgeous (hidden) face.

It's unclear where the picture is taken or at what spa, but we do know that gold facials are thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-acne benefits. In fact, gold is used in countless beauty products on the market today.

This isn't the first time Bar has posted photos of herself getting strange facials. In December she was seen getting a vampire facial, which involves injecting your own blood to stimulate collagen production. Even Kim Kardashian got into the vampire facial action posting a similar picture.

Bar and Kim aren't the only ones getting into the weird beauty craze. Check out the gallery above to see which star will spend thousands on caviar just to put it on her face!

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