What to wear as an afternoon wedding guest this spring

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What to wear as an afternoon wedding guest this spring
By A Piece of Toast

John: What do you like better, Christmas or wedding season?...Mr. Grey?
Jeremy: Yes. The answer would be, um, wedding season?
John: "Bingo!
- Wedding Crashers

One of the fun things that comes with getting older post-college is seeing your friends get engaged and attending their weddings. While I love Christmas for many reasons, wedding season is a ridiculously good time. Not only do you have an excuse to see all your friends and dance like a fool to "Shout!", but you also get to wear dressy springtime outfits. It can be a bit tricky to know what is "wedding appropriate" so I always defer to the invitation. Seeing "black tie" leads to some obvious choices, but what do you do when a wedding ceremony is early in the afternoon followed by an early evening reception? To me, this signals a less formal vibe and it's my favorite kind of wedding to dress for.

I'll choose a cocktail-length dress with a little personality, both nothing that screams, "Look at me! I'm a rainbow!" Anything all-white is out (for obvious reasons), and it's springtime, so try to stay away from black or other dark hues. Determining what shoes to wear is often the hardest part of getting wedding-ready. Is the ceremony outside? Go for a pretty wedge, ballerinas, or fancy flat sandal. If the ceremony and reception are inside, I default to a nude pump. No matter what style your dress is, a classic pointed or open toe heel will more than likely compliment your outfit and elevate your whole look to be wedding worthy. After swiping Sally's nude heels one too many times I finally got a pair of my own and am so glad I did -- -these have already been worn so many times (for weddings, events, and with day-to-night outfits), that the cost per wear was worth the investment.

If you have a spring calendar full of wedding weekends and have no idea where to start looking for a shoe that can be worn again once the ceremonies and receptions are over, I would check out the "Wedding Shoes" selection at Nordstrom.

Click through the gallery to see and shop Molly's full afternoon wedding guest look.
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