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8 bold spring eyeliners that pop, and how to apply them

By Stuff She Likes

There is nothing like a trend that returns with blissful delight year after year. I for one have welcomed bold, bright eyes with open arms since I was a wide-eyed teen. Here's the thing: As we get further and further away from those teen years, some of us a little further than others, it can be hard to figure out how to keep up with this trend without looking like we should be meeting up with the mean girls in the cafeteria.

When I say keep it simple, I'm talking about the rest of your face.
  • Bright, bold green eyeliner = Neutral lip.
  • Bright, bold blue eyeliner = One (two at the most) coats of mascara.
  • Bright, bold red eyeliner = Bronze or super pale cheek. Yup, I said it. Keep the cheek simple.

Now, don't be afraid to venture out and get creative with your liner if you want. Try lining just your bottom lids, or go skinny towards the corners of your eye and fatten the line up towards the outer lid. If you try all that and hate it, simply remove and work with an old staple -- a thin straight line that is super close to your lash line. And I mean hug that lash line, ladies (refer to the photo above). Click through the gallery above to see a few bold eyeliner options for spring.

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