WATCH: Forklift operator gets face full of smelly fish

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WATCH: Forklift Operator Gets Face Full of Smelly Fish
So, this story is a little fishy. And we don't mean in the cute this-is-a-pun kind of way. We mean this dude literally got a face full of fish.

WATCH: Forklift operator gets face full of smelly fish

'A fish fail in the Netherlands. A forklift operator misses the back of that truck and gets a face full of smelly fish. Yuck.'

Oops. Looks like the operator tried to put the crates in a little too high, resulting in one being flung down all over him. We can't imagine that smelled too good.

Someone even posted the video on Facebook, where it was shared thousands of times and seemed to amuse commenters.

A YouTube video says the unlucky guy is a Visco forklift operator in the Netherlands. We're guessing he went straight home to take a shower. Or at least we hope so.

So, what have we learned from this? Never overestimate how many boxes of fish you can squeeze into a truck, we guess? And shower. Always shower.
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