WATCH: Water buffalo escape commercial shoot in Australia

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WATCH: Water Buffalo Escape Commercial Shoot in Australia
Samsung was shooting a commercial in Australia when some of its stars stormed off set. "Fox & Friends" has the wild video.

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'Two buffalo escaped from a commercial set and wandered around a nearby neighborhood before they were rounded up by handlers.'

Yes, those are water buffalo charging through the streets of Newtown.

'They galloped down a main road,' and 'firefighters had to use ladders and other gear to corral them into a makeshift pen. Handlers from the film set took them back to work, though reluctantly.'
But people on Twitter definitely got a kick out of it. Fortunately, the only things hurt in the buffalos' escape were the azaleas in that garden.

Water buffalo do live in Australia, but ... we can't say it's very common to see them dashing around in traffic.

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