Campus Coverage: Texas fans celebrate in Austin

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By: Victoria Garcia

Students gather on one of the most iconic wings and bar spot located a few blocks from campus. Walking into Pluckers the smell of wings and alcohol races to your nose.

Texas has no chance as one Aggie fan grumbled afar along with 20 other UT students, sorry kid you don't have a chance, as Longhorn Fans cheered loudly once the game began.

Texas gained lead quickly after the game began. Texas Fans were in no worry but others hoped the tables would flip and were waiting till the game really began.

Fans from across the table cheered along with a Pluckers waiter, waiting or not no eyes looked away from the screen.

Fellow Longhorn students and fans stood and waited for a seat to watch the game but not one person left their chair. No one was leaving for this game.

Two students stood outside Pluckers and watched from the window; though they were not getting a seat they were watching this game.

While everyone felt somewhat comfortable in the first half.

Rick Barnes felt the heat as the 2nd half rolled around and so did fellow students as Arizona slowly gained a lead. Rolls of beers were ordered at the table behind me. This night was not looking so good.

Kevin Robbins, Reporting Sports Professor at The University of Texas at Austin, tweets along with others "Um, there's a game now."

Cam Ridley surprises Mei Wu, a Sophomore Public Health Major at The University of Texas at Austin, as he swaps #34's ball from hitting the net.

"This game is getting serious," several older fans mumble as they sip on their beer.

Arizona State fans, nowhere in sight but on social media, beg for their defense to shape up.

Texas 73 and Arizona State 72 with 5 minutes left in the game. Texas Fans are at the edge of their seats praying for a win but are holding on cheering for their team.

The crowd instantly roars as Javan Felix three pointer hits the basket. Longhorn Fans all regain confidence once again.

"Looks like Barnes' may keep his job after all," students joked from afar.

Nita Mandar, a Junior Broadcast Journalism Major at UT Austin, hopes Texas keeps the win.

Fans wait. Jaws immediately clench when the fans read 80-80 on the screen. With three minutes on the clock.

Texas Inexperience is showing. Arizona State and Texas both want it bad as they fight to gain the lead.

Longhorn Fans cheer loudly as they are in a two-point lead against Arizona State. But cheers turn to booing as Arizona State makes its way to the free throw line. Now tied with Texas 85-85.

16 seconds on the clock. Not one person in Pluckers is moving.


Screams, cheers, and high fives filled Pluckers shortly after.

Texas Longhorns win it at the buzzer with the shot made by Cam Ridley and they are moving on!

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