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Customer pays for couple's meal, receives kind note from server

Customer Pays for Elderly Couple's Meal, Receives Kind Note from Server

Sometimes all you need is a little kindness -- and a customer at a Mimi's Cafe in California was trying to spread a bit more of it.

An act of kindness truly touched an elderly couple in California. While dining at the cafe, a stranger took care of their $30 check.

That stranger was Kirsten Kinzle, and to Kinzle's surprise, she then received a note from a waitress acknowledging the act of kindness.

The waitress, Stephanie Miller, wrote this message saying what Kinzle did was amazing. Turns out the older man had just lost his brother. Kinzle told Victor Valley News she cried when she received the note.

'You just see people sometimes that just look like a great couple, like they really love each other ... I just hope it made them a moment happy with that amount of sadness.'

It was an emotional day for the server, too. A year ago that day, someone close to Miller had also passed away. Her note is now going viral, receiving nearly 1,000 likes on Facebook.

Kinzle said she picked up the tab because she was afraid her loud party at the cafe was ruining the couple's breakfast. Little did she know, her small gesture would mean much more.