WATCH: Retired airman reunites with military fur-friend

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WATCH: Retired Airman Reunites with Military Fur-Friend

A retired U.S. airman reunited with his favorite four-legged partner, Robby the dog.

WATCH: Retired airman reunites with military fur-friend

WFLA reports Robby and his former handler, retired Air Force Technical Sergeant David Simpson, worked side-by-side for four years in Germany and other places as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Simpson had to retire for medical reasons and leave behind his beloved k-9. However, just ten short months later, Simpson found out his four-legged pal was also retiring, so he bought a ticket back to Germany for Robby's retirement ceremony. The duo's reunion was nothing short of sweet.

After the reunion, WTVT reports Simpson adopted Robby and spent $2,000 to fly them both back home to Florida. Simpson told the station the pair has an irreplaceable bond.

'Knowing what he's done, it's a huge bond. I definitely feel closer to him than any other animal I've ever owned. It's a relationship that really can't be explained in words.'

WTVT reports Robby is now adjusting to life with Simpson's three kids and enjoying some much-deserved R&R.
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