Coke puts moviegoers in fake movie trailer

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Coca-Cola Films Noisy Moviegoers, Puts Them in Fake Movie Trailers
By Andrew Dymburt

There's really nothing worse than people ruining a movie by texting, talking, or snacking way too loudly. It's almost like they become part of the movie ... and this time, thanks to a Coke prank, some people really were.

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The folks at Coca-Cola created a fake movie trailer featuring people in the theater disrupting the action on screen. They set up shop at a theater in Copenhagen, installed a hidden camera and green screen and then recorded some distracted people in the lobby.

They didn't even try to hide the green screen, but that didn't stop moviegoers from stepping in front of it. While customers headed to their seats, the Coke crew was doing some on-site editing. When the lights went down, viewers didn't get your average movie preview or "turn off your cell-phone" PSA ... they got both.

Check out the full video here:

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