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Florida city could be dissolved due to corruption

Florida City Could Be Dissolved Due To Corruption

This Florida town might be so corrupt it could be literally wiped off the map.

A new report from CNN details the rampant corruption charges facing officials in Hampton, Florida - from the town's mayor, Barry Layne Moore, who's in jail on drug charges, to police officers who've set up a notorious speed trap to a case involving $1 million in missing funds.

More specifically, a report from The Florida Times-Union says officials 'found sloppy record keeping, that a former clerk had been overpaid by $9,000 and that the city spent $27,000 without showing it was used for a public purpose.'

Florida state lawmakers began calling for the town to be dissolved last month after a state audit of the city's books found 31 violations of local, state and federal law, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

CNN reports if Hampton is dissolved, it would become part of unincorporated Bradford County. Now, residents in the tiny town of 477 people are trying to fight back.

A Facebook page was setup called 'Save Our Town Of Hampton, Fla.'

One of the city's former mayors, Jim Mitzel, told WAWS, 'The government bailed out General Motors, the government bailed out Chrysler. Why can't the State of Florida bail out Hampton? Don't shut our town down.'

Florida state officials agreed to delay moving forward with a plan to dissolve the city, allowing Hampton four weeks to clean up its act and prove it can govern itself.

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frankc354 March 10 2014 at 9:54 AM

corruption is everywhere so are speed traps along with crime and violence ,but wiping a town off the map is a first for me!!

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Gene frankc354 March 10 2014 at 10:08 AM

well...could be a good thing...no city taxes and the county will be responsible for roads, garbage, schools, etc.

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stevebewley March 10 2014 at 9:37 AM

'The government bailed out General Motors, the government bailed out Chrysler. Why can't the State of Florida bail out Hampton?"

Well those companies were bailed out by the FEDERAL Government. Then when does the state have a responsibility to bail a corrupt town?

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msgoe March 10 2014 at 2:37 PM

lets put that int perspective ... a town of 477 people are missing a million in "funds" most small sized subdivisions have more residents than that ... it should be immediatly obvious if that much money was missing and they want to keep their town ??
sounds like it is a little too much for them

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viarizzoli March 10 2014 at 9:37 AM

Even the investigators are corrupt. Take the county of St. Johns, please! A judge, in his final order of divorce, attributes acts of wrong doing to a son the husband does not even have. The judge bends over backwards for the physician wife who indicated in court bankruptcy documents a litany of falsehoods and contradictions. Even her divorce attorney declared the physician wife had a "cash business." Duh, I wonder what that business was!

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twogjoe March 10 2014 at 9:34 AM

This group should be treated as a business person would be treated if theyhad failed to follow proper procedures. Bail out? Ha.

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jbraidedbeauty1 March 10 2014 at 2:37 PM

wiped off the map... pulease.... all those corrupt scandalous people need to be put under the jail! thats a damn shame..all that money, overpaying a clerk by 9,000 is just outrageous,, they need to open the jaikl and let the marijuana sellers out and put these corrupt people under the jail... with one side for muderers, rapist and those pitiful pedophile child molestors,, but a special place nneds to be there for these money stealing thieves. And they are the first ones to cry about folks on food stamps and welfare! gime me a effing break!

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kerry March 10 2014 at 9:33 AM

Its no different then the corrupt town/city of Inglis,Fl on rte. 19 just north of Crystal River!! Corrupt commissioners,police,mayor,water-maintenance dept. The police dept. had many different high profile badges along with forged documents of all kinds. A town/city with 2,700 people[ [a third being kids] that had on an average of 12 police officers who also broke the law by patroling state rte 40 and levy county roads on the assumption of being special officers.
the state of florida knew about this but did nothing. It finally took the guts of a few good people
to finally get a law on the books for their town through a city wide vote that enabled them to get rid of the corruption. and with no help from levy county or the state of florida.
How about all you media people checking it out cause you'll get a damn good story !!!!!!

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brezztn March 10 2014 at 2:54 PM

Take the people out of jail and put them in charge, sounds like the wrong people are in jail in Florida.

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Nancy brezztn March 10 2014 at 4:45 PM

I agree. This mayor is accused of selling ONE 30 mg of oxycodone to a sherrif's undercover informant for $20 and has been in jail since before Thanksgiving. (3 1/2 months). He can't raise bond. Makes $125 a month as mayor. Lives on SSDI because of 2 major accidents on job 22 yrs ago and prescribed heavy pain pills ever since. He can't afford a car and rides a 2 wheel bike around town (does this sound like a major drug dealer to you?) All the other stuff in this article has to do with mismanagement by the city clerk and the speed traps and mismanagement of that money by the chief of police. the audit had already started long before this mayor took office. The Chief of Police is a crook. They need a law for gross stupidity. They clerk stated she kept the city income in a SACK and gave money to the chief of police whenever he asked for it (to buy drugs for a sting) with no receipts or proof of purchases. didn't even see what he bought. She didn't have a single receipt for any purchase of any kind in all the years she worked there.

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Ben Holliday March 10 2014 at 3:02 PM

Politics are profitable, no wonder they spend so much to get elected.

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Nancy Ben Holliday March 10 2014 at 4:01 PM

Profitable for Big Business and the politicians they reward. Politicians themselves don't have to spend so much. Big business spends to get them elected. The government just spent hundreds of billions in corporate welfare to reward corporations that made hundreds of billions in profits last year. Why? Because big business makes huge campaigne contributions. Our government is bought and paid for. Our government has to cut soc sec increase, has to make cuts in military, during times of depression make cuts to the poor and why? Because we have to keep cuts in taxes to the billionaire people and corporations and then reward them with hundreds of billions every year on top of it. Richard Scaife Mellon (staunch Rep) had employees plant false political stories in his media newspaper conglomerate which were picked up by other newspapers nationwide and reprinted without being fact checked. Of course that was picked up by believing readers and put on internet and in emails and posted on facebook and if it is on internet and in email & facebook, it HAS to be true. Well, one of the newspapers in PA that started this was forced to close down. Richard Scaife Mellon has donated hundred of millions of his Rep tax free dollars to different factions of the Republican party. This is all legal (not the false stories in the paper that Rep and Dem sheeple believed) Stop corporations from being treated with Personhood. They should not have the same rights as people. They should not be able to make political campaigne donations and literally BUY candidates which means they buy or government

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jeff March 10 2014 at 9:31 AM

…town's mayor, Barry Layne Moore.

Their Barry is about the same as our Barry.

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