Ellen's Oscars jab made some cringe

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Liza Minnelli Was All Over The Academy Awards

Ellen Degeneres could be considered a big winner in her own right as host of the 2014 academy awards - but Liza Minnelli should probably be recognized for a supporting role. The icon seemed to turn up everywhere. Beginning with an awkward moment in the opening monologue.

"And I have to say, one of the most amazing Liza Minnelli impersonators I have ever seen in my entire life. Really. Seriously. Good job, sir. I mean that is really..."

Yep, Liza didn't look too happy.

But she wasn't alone -- the Washington Post looked at the Internet's reaction to the jab; the general consensus? It was "mean" and "transphobic."

MTV agreed -- it was the only joke that took it too far. The rest of DeGeneres' monologue was in good fun.

Still, some thought Minelli was asking for it -- she has seemingly had a considerable amount of plastic surgery recently.

But, to be honest, we weren't looking at Liza's face Sunday night. We were looking at her hair. The 67-year-old showed up with a blue streak to match her blue jumpsuit look.
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