Skier uses metal detector to find iPhone lost in snow

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Skier Uses Metal Detector to Find iPhone Lost in Snow
Chris Wong says he lost his iPhone while skiing in Vermont, so he searched the slopes for it the next day but had no luck. "Good Morning America" reports Wong later returned to the slopes with a metal detector and found his iPhone - and it still worked. (He says he used the good ol' bag of rice trick to get his wet phone all dried out.)

Skier uses metal detector to find iPhone lost in snow

In the description for his YouTube video of the search, Wong wrote that everyone told him his plan was 'crazy,' so he made sure everything was caught on his GoPro camera.

Some wonder if GoPro staged the video to promote its cameras.

Whether it was a hoax or just a great find, Wong's story has people talking. A radio personality on KCOL-FM wondered: 'Does this mean we're going to have a bunch of people getting run over by skiiers and boarders trying to find lost treasures? '

Ya know? It might be a risk people are willing to take!
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