3-year-old unwraps father in box for birthday present

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3-Year-Old Unwraps Father in Box for Birthday Present

A 3-year-old little girl named Bridgette was overjoyed to open a birthday present that was bigger than she was ... and of course the best surprise was yet to come.

She had no idea that her father, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, was inside.

3-year-old unwraps father in box for birthday present

Her face truly was priceless, and she eventually jumped into daddy's arms.

The video was first published in September, but just recently began to spread around the web.

Carr's wife, Chloe, took notice of that, writing on Facebook: 'Just noticed this video has been viewed and shared 215,000 times! I don't know what the definition of viral is, but this seems close.'

Judging from Joshua Carr's Facebook photos, daddy and daughter have spent the most of their time together. Climbing ladders, riding bikes, and plenty of hugs.

If this story doesn't just perk you right up, we don't know what will.
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