Man's back tattoo tracks travels around the world

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Man's Back Tattoo Tracks Travels Around the World

"Fox & Friends" explains a 59-year-old former lawyer is using his back to keep track of all his trips. He's visited 60 countries so far ... so that makes for a lot of ink.

The man, Bill Passman, keeps a blog fittingly called "World Tattoo." It documents his progress, and the last entry was in September of last year when he visited Russia and Scandinavia. He wrote that he was 'Overwhelmed by my World Tattoo's recent attention and support by fellow travelers.'

Daily Mail says Passman is from Louisiana, and he hopes to fill in the tattoo completely one day.

While we admire Passman's pain tolerance, we think we'll stick with a good old-fashioned souvenir like a shirt or a snow globe. No word on where he'll travel next.

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