U.S. luger's Olympic-caliber dance moves going viral

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U.S. luger Kate Hansen, 21, likes to warm up for races by breaking it down -- and she gets her self-described 'mojo' from Beyoncé.

'My girl, B – she just gets me fierce and I get stoked and I have to,' Hansen told NBC Sports.

Luger Kate Hansen has my favorite warm-up of any Olympic athl... on Twitpic
'I have good mojo going on, so it's just how I roll,' she said. 'Honestly I'm in my own world ... I'm completely in my own world – and it doesn't matter who's staring – I'm still going to dance," she said.

Kate Hansen's Olympic Warm-Up Goes Viral

Hansen described the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi 'an absolute dream,' adding that it's 'probably the most fun I've ever had sliding.'

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