Messages in the snow bring warmth on coldest days

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Snow Messages Bring Warmth In Cold Weather
It's been an exceptionally harsh winter season, what with the polar vortex and endless snow, but that's not stopping folks from making warm messages in the cold weather.

Outside of St. Cloud hospital in Minneapolis, someone carved the word 'love' and a peace sign into the snow over the frozen Mississippi river. Staffers say it's been going on for some time.

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An anonymous couple sporting snow shoes reportedly comes around and stomps different messages into the snow for patients who have definitely taken notice.

It's this kind of considerate act that might actually have some people hoping for more snow.

A heart-warming message showed up Sunday in Chicago on the roof of a University Medical Center parking garage. Employees say they saw four people writing the words "Hi Mom, God Bless U!" and don't know who it was intended for, but we're sure it made their day.

At the University of Missouri, where All American defensive lineman Michael Sam recently revealed to the public that he's gay, supports wrote his last name rocking the Mizzou "M" into the snow at Faurot Field.

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