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Going into a gym and demanding a six-pack of abs when there're pounds to lose around the middle area is just plain silly. Those sought-after sexy muscles won't show up if there is a layer of fat covering them up. Most of us got that memo a while back, but then are there workout routines for women at the gym that can get us the arms, back, and legs we so desire?

Rose Ann Serpico of SerpicoPowers, a boutique fitness studio in NYC, doesn't necessarily think so. The reason is simple: based on one's overall body composition, cut triceps or chiseled shoulders may not be possible. Want a butt like Beyoncés? Might not be in your genes.

Serpico recommends cardiovascular activities for weight loss and getting lean and weight lifting and training exercises for bulking up muscle. A big fan of resistence training for burning fat and turning it into muscle, Serpico tends to change her clients' workouts to keep things interesting.

She's definitely got the right idea there. Even marathon runners, of which Serpico is one, don't do the same run day in and day out. To avoid hitting a fitness plateau, make sure to mix up your workout regimen. Spending 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer and finishing with fifty crunches several times a week will get boring very fast.

If your gym offers classes, consider signing up for one you've never tried before, like a cardio boot camp session or a spinning class.

For a tighter tush, a stronger core, and structured arms, pay attention to exercises that work those particular muscle groups, but don't assume that simply targeting certain body parts is the smartest or fastest way to get fit. Click through the slideshow above for ten suggested moves that'll help whip your bod into shape.

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