The Queen thinks Duchess Kate should wear longer skirts (and more jewels!)

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The Queen isn't too keen on the Duchess of Cambridge's hemlines, apparently. It is being reported by the Mail on Sunday that Queen Elizabeth would like Kate's wardrobe to take a step up on the royal scale when she and William head to Australia and New Zealand in April.

The tweaking of Kate's wardrobe will be "a subtle but significant regal makeover," according to the Mail. The Queen is lending Kate her personal dresser, Angela Kelly, to help prepare the new mother for the trip. Along with encouraging the Duchess to lean more towards couture and designer pieces and away from high street brands, she will be offered many of the Queen's statement jewels and be expected to wear "tiaras favored by the Queen and Queen Mother."

It'll sure be a change if Kate stops rocking Zara jewelry and Topshop dresses. She'll look lovely, of course, in her meticulously planned out wardrobe, but we've always loved the Duchess' ability to re-wear favorite pieces and mix expensive with inexpensive. The goal is apparently to make Kate appear "more royal than ever," under the Queen's watchful eye. As the wife of an heir to the throne and now a mother to the next heir, it seems expectations are being raised steadily for Kate.

It is known that the Duchess has already been speaking with some of her favorite designers, Alice Temperley and Alexander McQueen (Sarah Burton), who are creating custom gowns and day dresses for her. According to the Mail, "the frilled, girlish frocks she likes have been outlawed in case they detract from the newly grown-up image she needs to project and also to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions." Well, we know the wind isn't always a flowy skirt's best friend, so caution may be wise there.

Okay, okay, so we had a sufficient freak out when Kate wore a tiara late last year. So we won't be upset to see her in more sparkly jewels come April. We just hope she still has creative control over her own wardrobe, and longer hemlines or not, it'll still have that Kate flair.

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