White House photographer Pete Souza provides a glimpse behind the scenes of preparations for State of the Union 2014

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Official White House photographer Pete Souza has been offering Americans a peek behind the curtain as President Obama puts the finishing touches on what will be the 5th State of the Union address of his presidency, to be delivered on Tuesday night. Souza has posted a photo or two on Twitter, a bunch more on Instagram and he created 'Inside the State of the Union with Pete Souza' on Storify.

If you're a politics buff or just someone who likes to sweat the tiny details, the photographs -- some of them black and white -- stand as a pleasant visual complement to all the noise and controversy that's bound to swirl around the actual speech tonight. Even senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer shared a few photos on Storify, noting the cold weather that will be in place when the speech begins just after 9 p.m.

Finally, as you'll see above, the president uses a (mighty?) Uniball pen to edit drafts of the speech. It will be interesting to see if the pen maker finds a way to capitalize on its product's critical use in the Oval Office ahead of the historic speech. Souza captured a black Uniball resting next to a draft of the speech on the president's Resolute desk. This is their moment. How will they seize it?

We've gathered them all here in one easy-to-click-through slide show above. And if you still need more on what's going on behind the scenes of the State of the Union, visit the official White House hub page.

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