'The Bachelor' fashion recap: In the land of K-Pop

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'The Bachelor' fashion recap: In the land of K-Pop
OK, what? We know this is supposed to reflect traditional K-Pop style, but can ABC let the girls dress like normal people for just one date? No? OK. 
Why is JP the only semi-decently dressed one on stage? Ugh. 
Ahh, finally some more routine duds. We actually kind of loved Kat's lace dress -- subtle, but still sexy. 

Team Bachelor really outdid themselves on this episode. All out of ideas (we're assuming), the producers sent the gals to Seoul, South Korea, to experience foot baths filled with mini-fish and Korean pop music.

To be honest, we're not entirely sure what was going on in this episode. Maybe it was Sunday night's epic Grammys viewing session, or Nurse Nikki's incessant complaining, but we're just going to blame our laziness on the outrageous outfits the girls were, yet again, forced to wear. How can we be expected to pay attention to the show when we're distracted by metallic sneaker wedges, graphic crop tops, and sideways ponytails? Come on, Chris Harrison -- we know you can do better than that.

Click through the gallery above to see the K-Pop fashions in all their glory.
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