Fine hair don't care: How to make fine hair look voluminous

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With the advent of dry shampoos that are capable of working five–second miracles, there's no excuse for limp hair these days. Just one caveat: this doesn't always apply to those with fine hair who need extra help in the volume department.

"Fine hair is skinny hair, meaning each individual strand is small," explains stylist Jessica Gillin of Marie Robinson Salon, whose work has appeared on celebrities Michelle Williams and Vera Farmiga. Gillin recommends investing in a set of hot rollers when it comes to styling fine hair. "I spray a bit of hairspray on each section-the size of the sections should be equal to the diameter of the roller," she instructs. "Leave the rollers in for about ten minutes before brushing them out."

An even easier fix for limp hair is a thickening agent, smoothed out from root to tip with a round brush (Mason Pearson is always a good choice) and a hairdryer. Little known fact? "Thickening sprays only work with heat, so make sure to blow–dry in order to expand the diameter of each strand."

If you go the blow–dry route, make sure you vary the heat settings to set your style. "Lift with a round brush while focusing heat at the root, then set it with a cool shot of air," says stylist Stephen Posta of Dyer + Posta Salon. And if you're really pressed for time, simply flip that hair upside down and backcomb at the root.

Shop Gillin and Posta's recommendations in the slideshow above for an easy boost of volume.

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