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Pack like a pro: Carry-on essentials for a weekend getaway

By The Spicy Stiletto

Landed in Los Angeles last night with yet another cold, but I'm looking forward to a full recovery in warmer weather. My immune system wasn't made for the current arctic vortex conditions in New York so I'm glad to be back here where 60-degree weather is considered "freezing". I'm embarrassed to have been that person on the plane who was coughing. I consumed a lifetime's worth of cough drops and tea, and hopefully I'll be a 100% before I catch my next flight abroad.

When I'm traveling, I like to stay as low-maintenance as possible by just sticking to essentials. Over the years, I've learned to know exactly what I need and don't need so traveling has become progressively easier. My attire is always relatively comfortable -- I don't wear sweats, but I love a good pair of leather pants or boyfriend jeans; a cozy sweater layered, pair of comfortable shoes for the commute, and slippers to change into for the longer flights. The most important part is my skin. I like to pack eye masks, travel-size face oil, and something that will moisturize my skin and lips. Click through the gallery above for just a few good things that I'm currently packing.

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