The best shampoos to combat oily hair

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Certain beauty woes are more annual than seasonal-and oily hair falls somewhere near the top of that list. If your scalp gets a little overzealous at times-and your hair is losing all signs of bounce-well, most of us have been there. It's why dry shampoos were invented! But instead of waiting until you have no choice but to break out your favorite formula and aggressively spritz your roots, try this easy fix first: Switch up your shampoo.

Oily hair happens when we strip the scalp, causing it to produce more natural oils to compensate. To keep hair looking healthy, try alternating gentle formulas with a weekly dose of clarifying shampoo. The latter effectively removes product buildup and gives your scalp a fresh start-a popular kitchen beautician alternative is the apple cider vinegar rinse. Go for a sulfate–free formula to avoid over–stimulating your scalp. We adore the Phyto line for its gentle results, while Drybar's deliciously scented shampoo is perfect for lending new life to limp hair.

Last tip? Give your scalp some time off in between washes. Frequent shampooing is a certain precursor to greasy roots. So skip the suds and embrace second–day hair.

Shop our top picks in the slideshow above. And when you do shampoo, just remember: Lather, rinse, and repeat only when necessary.

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