Single-Serve Coffee Savings

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Single-Serve Coffee Savings
Single-serve coffee is the fastest growing category in the home coffee market, but while the machines are convenient, they can also put a dent in your budget. Here's how you can cut back on the costs.

When it comes to single-serve coffee, Keurig coffee machines are the most popular option. An entry-level machine can cost $99, while a higher-end unit can cost anywhere from $149-$249. That's not bad for an initial investment, but you have to consider the cost of refills.

In general, K-cup refills cost $11.99 for a pack of 18, which works out to 67 cents per cup. If you take into consideration that the average person drinks three cups a day, you could potentially be spending $733 per year on refills.

A cheaper alternative is Ekobrew, a reusable one-cup coffee basket for single-serve brewers. They cost about $10 each. If you're filling the standard 8-ounce cup with a coffee blend that costs approximately $10 per pound, refills will only set you back $192 year.

Another benefit of using a reusable refill cup is that it's much better for the environment. Standard K-cups can't be recycled, but when you're using a basket like Ekobrew, only biodegradable coffee grounds are going into the trash.

So, if you're thinking of getting a single-serve coffee machine, consider purchasing a reusable refill cup. It'll save you money and help save the environment.

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