From Super Bowl Champion to Homeless Retiree

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From Super Bowl Champion to Homeless Retiree

Terry Tautolo was in his prime as he helped secure a Super Bowl title as linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. However, after his football days were over, his life took a drastic turn towards homelessness and drugs.

In a recent segment of Casualties of Gridiron, the reality of how Tautolo's tackling days as a linebacker changed his life are revealed. Friends and family blame the multiple concussions and head injuries he suffered as the cause of his demise. Now working with P.A.S.T., Tautolo is down the long road of recovery as he fights to gain back the person, people and health that his football days may have stolen from him.

"It does feel like my husband was taking away from me," said ex-wife Debbie Tautolo.

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