Weekend wishlist: a faux fur coat, an ikat yoga mat, and more

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By The Fox & She

It's the weekend and I think I finally got my life back together. I did laundry, made my bed, finally unpacked my suitcase, tossed old mail, caught up on emails and ate super healthy. I was so thankful for my productive day and I'm also very thankful that I get to sleep in again tomorrow. The holidays seriously took it out of me. Anyone else?

Since it's absolutely freezing and wintery outside, Oliver and I have been curled up on the couch staying warm. He's been such a sweetie this week, so I let him help me with today's post! He's got pretty good taste if I do say so myself! I am in love with this leopard coat (mine's on the way!) and this ikat yoga mat is beautiful - is this Oliver's way of telling me it's time to start working out more? This 'Hustle' print is a good reminder to keep moving and rock 2014.

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