Could braided ponytails like Fergie's and Selena Gomez's be the hottest hair trend in 2014?

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Full disclosure: we're not entirely sure what our thoughts are on the braided ponytail (think Blond Ambition Madonna), but one thing's for sure -- this genie-inspired style is definitely happening.

Fergie recently rocked the look on New Year's Eve, but she wasn't the first celebrity to do so. Selena Gomez was spotted on David Letterman in October with a version of the style, and several days later Kourtney Kardashian was seen with a similar 'do.

Do we spy a trend in the making? Like it or not, the braided ponytail is definitely going to be a thing in 2014. Click through the gallery above to see the celebrities who have sported the look, and decide for yourself whether you'll be trying it out this year or leaving it in the past.

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