Beauty bits: 4 blogger-approved products to try now

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Beauty bits
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Beauty bits: 4 blogger-approved products to try now
Since I do my best to stay out of the sun, my skin is a ghostly white color. I have to rely on my makeup to give me the color I need. I opted for the darker shade (#50) in this Chanel powder and use it as a bronzer. It goes on so smoothly and it gives me just the right amount of color. Plus, it's SPF 15, so it's working double duty! 
This cleanser works miracles if you're combating breakouts and rosacea. I needed something soothing, but not so gentle that it wouldn't help the breakouts. This one is the golden ticket. 
I'm pretty picky about my perfume. I don't want anything overwhelming, but at the same time, I want it to actually smell like something. Aerin's Amber Musk is a perfectly elegant scent. It makes me feel just a little more dressed up. Not to mention, the bottle is so gorgeous. 
With blonde hair like mine, it's absolutely necessary that I keep it moisturized. I apply this Oribe masque instead of conditioner about once a week. My hair never gets dry, and it keeps my color super shiny. 

By Luella & June

I pretty much stick to my tried-and-true basics (things like this, this, and this) when it comes to beauty. I think simplicity is always better when it comes to skincare, and I really don't wear that much makeup so I'm not a huge product junkie there either. However, with every new season, there is always the desire to throw a few new products into the mix – especially winter since the cold weather tends to wreak havoc on everybody's skin. Speaking of winter skin, I've been loving this moisturizer for quick and easy application in the morning rush.

I've been testing a few new things out here and there. Some of them are fantastic and some of them are not. These are my favorite four as of late: Neutrogena's cleanser, Oribe's masque, a bronzer from Chanel and a new perfume from Aerin. They're all really simple products that I just can't seem to get enough of.

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