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How to measure your bra size at home in 5 easy steps

As women who came of age in the modern world, there's a few things we were sure to learn: how to take care of delicate garments, how to properly try on a swimsuit, and (perhaps a bit more crucially) even how to look skinny in photos. But one thing we didn't learn growing up is how to measure our bra size at home.

We're often taught by lingerie behemoths like Victoria's Secret that bra size measurements should be left to the professionals-which is why many of us have gone our whole lives relying on others to tell us what size brassiere we should be wearing. This is all fine and well, except that many women get stuck in a rut of wearing the same bra size for years and years, assuming things like, "I'm a 34B; I always have been and always will be."

This kind of thinking, while temptingly easy, can get you into trouble fast, since (obviously) your bra size changes as your body does. Click through to find the definitive five steps you need to follow to take matters into your own hands and measure your own perfectly precise bra size.

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