A royal holiday: How the royal family celebrates Christmas

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From Princess Diana and her sons William and Harry to the newest royals Kate and baby George, there has been a fascination with the royal family for a very long time. Long before the beloved People's Princess stole our hearts, the glamorous life of the royals has been admired by many.

In years past, when Queen Elizabeth was Princess Elizabeth, she and her sister Princess Margaret spent time performing traditional Christmas pantomimes! For four years during World War II, the sisters took part in these musical comedy stage productions. Performed around Christmas and New Year's, the pantomimes usually had no direct reference to the holiday, but were traditional children's stories. These pantomimes were a big part of their holiday celebrations at Windsor Castle, where the sisters were living after evacuating from Buckingham Palace during wartime.

So as you're gearing up for your own Christmas celebration, take a look at how the British royals have celebrated through the years. When it comes to the holidays, the royal family is just like a lot of us!(Well, aside from decorating a giant castle and spending a few weeks on a sprawling country estate...) They typically attend some events around the holidays to support and bring holiday cheer to their chosen charities, but when it gets closer to Christmas day, it's all about family. They spend time in Sandringham -- the Queen's country estate -- and attend Christmas day service together every year.

Last year, William and Kate were not in Sandringham with the royal family, but instead were with the Middletons. Kate was pregnant, after all, and wanted to be with her family. This year, though it was believed that the Middletons would join the royal family at Sandringham, it turns out they are unable to do so as William and Kate's home on the estate is not yet renovated. Instead, the Duke and Duchess will spend Christmas eve and morning with the royal family, and then whisk baby George off to his other grandparents in Berkshire. Everyone gets to see the little Prince for the holiday!

We can't wait to see what Kate will wear to the Christmas church service, and of course, what little Georgie (can we call him that...?) will wear! We're pulling for some serious argyle sweater action.

Click through the gallery to see the royal family's celebrations through the years. Brace yourself: Prince Harry... dressed as a shepherd. (age 4!)

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